Housekeeping Jobs in USA

A house keeper is in control of acting fundamental housework responsibilities in occupant suites, open zones and bolster territories as alloted. May incorporate, keeping up the garments in an excellent, methodical and sterile state of affairs, accumulating, cleaning and redistributing garments, correctly arranging, washing and drying provides following the recommended garments method., liable for garbage collection and expulsion and keeping up junk repositories and collection territories in a spotless, transparent method.


Perform fundamental cleaning.

Perform mild mechanical tasks.

Maintain protection method and practices.

Maintain an area climate by which other people in reality really feel welcome.

Inspire part asks for or forward to an administrator.

Comprehend, and practice all arrangements, method, and norms.

Conform to all arrangements and method in Employee Manual.

Above depiction might be susceptible to adjust or adjustment whenever.

Above position may respond to the Operations Manager or Customary Manager where comparable.


Capability to talk in English
Capability to carry merchandize weighing 30Kg

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